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Възможности за стаж и отворени докторантски позиции

За контакт – доц. др. Иван Бъчваров, Лаборатория А017

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We offer a research program leading to PhD degree in Physics (including Physics of Wave Processes, Quantum Electronics and Nonlinear Optics Wave Processes)

For those who have a theoretical or experimental background or are interested in R&D activities and technology transfer results in the Bio-Nano-Photonics field and the development of new photonics instruments for new applications in spectroscopy, laser physics, material science and processing, biology, and fundamental problems in the field of optics.

The research covers a broad area known as Ultrafast Optical Science and Technology aiming to push the limits of contemporary laser applications or to develop new multidisciplinary applications. The projects aim to develop new methods for generation and manipulation of ultrashort (ps, fs) light pulses in various spectral regions (from UV up to mid-IR). Furthermore, photonics systems utilizing the ultrashort pulses are built to study the dynamics of ultrafast events in wide range of quantum systems.

Additional research topics include nonlinear optical phenomena, fundamental theo and solid state laser engineering.

Current projects:

- Metasurfaces for ultrafast light structuring (METAFAST), Program(s) H2020- EU.1.2. - EXCELLENT SCIENCE - Future and Emerging Technologies (FET),

- Extreme Coherent Light in the Mid-IR and X-Ray Area as a Laboratory Infrastructure (HEPHAESTUS);; page 116

- Fundamental properties of optical meta-surfaces, development of an innovative light-control systems and technologies based on semiconductor optical meta-surfaces.


- Two PhD positions at Physics Department Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, R&D team of Prof. Ivan Buchvarov

- A student internship program is also offered to those who have a strong interest in gaining a theoretical and experimental background


There are PhD scholarships for EU and Bulgarian citizens.;


Ivan Buchvarov,

Tel. +359 2 8161744

E-mail :

Assoc. Prof. , Physics Department

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

5 James Bourchier Blvd.,1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

President of the directors’ board

John Atanasoff Center for Bio and Nano Photonics (JAC BNP)


RnD projects please see details at:

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